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Monday, March 16, 2009

Announcing TapX: Tapestry Extensions

I've set up a new project on Tapestry360 called tapx (Tapestry Extensions). This is where I can put code that can't live at Apache (due to licensing problems).

The first module is a DHTML calendar component, a wrapper around Dynarch Calendar, an LGPL calendar widget. I consider it the "Cadillac" of this space, and it snaps into Tapestry quite nicely.

Just dropping this new JAR into the classpath not only makes the new DateField available, but also enables it as the default date editor when using BeanEditForm.

The library requires Tapestry or better.

I expect to add many small utlilities here.


Gumer said...

Thanks for all the great work. I come accross the project chenillekit and want to know if some of the components they develop could not make it to TapX too?

Best great from Germany

Howard said...

CheilleKit is now hosted at Tapestry360 as well. Tapestry is built to allow lots of little pieces to "stack" together, there's no overwhelming advantage to grouping them together, and having them individual gives the developers, like myself, more lattitude to track against changes in the core framework.

annorax said...

Hi Howard,

Looks nice.

How about exposing some configurability of the underlying component, such as the date/time format? (which would also allow enabling the time chooser within the calender)

Martin said...

The templating library sounds really exciting. I'm currently using Velocity to send email messages from a quartz job (like "your account is about to expire" etc) and it would be great to use the same template syntax for those messages as we use in the webapp.

dwi ardi irawan said...

wow, thnx u for making me loves tapestry...

Howard said...

The component already supports a format parameter. Adding a parameter to enable time editting would be a snap ... at it to the Tapestry360 JIRA!