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Thursday, February 19, 2009

Java.Blogs Death Watch

We're now into day three and counting of the Java.Blogs Death Watch. The site has stopped updating (since the 16th) and nobody seems to care ... in fact, I realized that because of aggregation, I wasn't missing anything by removing this site (and TheServerSide) from my bookmarks. Still, it seems sad that the owners of Java.Blogs (and who exactly is that?) are uninterested in keeping the site running.


Glenn said...

javablogs is back up. Atlassian and Contegix run this service, and apologise for it being unavailable. Totally our fault. We're taking action to watch it more carefully in the future.

JamesDumay said...

I'm looking at spending my 20% time bringing it into 2009 and working on reliability. No promises just yet, but watch the site :)