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Friday, February 27, 2009

1970's (and 80's) Genre TV Panorama

NOW IN COLOR Sci-Fi Heroes by *dusty-abell on deviantART


I mean, this has got shows that had a viewership of, like, three. That space station in the upper left corner? That's SID from U.F.O. (and an Interceptor on the right)! Richard Benjamin as Quark (from the short-lived Star Trek parody). The Man From Atlantis. Dr. Who (with Leela, K-9, a Dalek, the Tardis and the Robot (from Tom Baker's first aired episode) and another Robot from "Robots of Death" (a favorite!). Buck Rogers. Battlestar Galactica (including the Cylon Emperor). Both Wonder Women (that is, including the original one-off pilot with Cathy Lee Crosby). Space: 1999. Battle of the Planets (the blue ship on the left). Land of the Giants (Twiki is holding their ship). The short-lived live-action Spider Man and Planet of the Apes series. The one-shot Capt. America (which I'm not certain I've seen). The Six Million Dollar Man, Bionic Woman (with Bionic German Shepherd Max). The Incredible Hulk and David Banner (who ever sees both them at the same time?). Mork from Ork. The Greatest American Hero ... oh, just spotted The Invisible Man (weren't there two different invisible man series in the 70's/80's). Logan's Run (front and center, almost missed it) ... I think that's it.

What else could have been included? How about The Starlost (I've only seen one episode), saturday morning fodder like Ark II, or the original Night Stalker. Or the BBC's Blake's 7. Or the silly but occasionally provoking Land of the Lost. Any other ideas?

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