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Sunday, February 15, 2009

IDEA 8.1 on Mac

Installed it, launched it. Immediately: Jetty Integration is not compatible and disabled. Strike one. Sure, it has GIT integration and promises to be much faster (which I'm getting desperate for, as I seem to watch the cursor spin quite a bit too much). However, my level of trust dropped through the floor when I saw just how many graphics glitches are all over the screen ... it doesn't inspire confidence that it was tested on a Mac at all. Back to 8.0.1.


Anonymous said...

graphics glitches? really? i've been using the 8.1 EAP's on a Mac since they started with nary a problem in that department (now, Flex support and it sucking CPU, that's another story, but they have that licked now :)

Anonymous said...

I usually leave Jetty running as an external process and connect from within IntelliJ only when I need to debug. But I'm not using Maven either, so my setup is probably different from most Tapestry users.

I didn't upgrade to IntelliJ 8.x because of some blocking bugs. Most are fixed in 8.1 but I still cannot use 'build on frame-deactivation', which is ideal for development with Tapestry. They moved that feature into the run-config, which is not available when attaching to an external process (Jetty).

DA_Eclipsa said...

8.1 has serious performance issues (at least for me). Support directed me to 8.1.1 EAP, which fixes the deadlocks and made IDEA usable again for me.

Also, a new release of the Jetty plugin is available, which is 8.1.x compatible. Nevertheless, I'd prefer to have more Jetty support directly from Jetbrains instead of 3rd party plugin, and hope this to happen in next releases.