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Friday, January 27, 2006

Tapestry/HiveMind Interview on Java Posse

The Java Posse just put up my PodCast interview about Tapestry and HiveMind that also touches on Spring, EJB3, WebObjects, JMS, Reflection ... you name it! I kind of expected them to edit it down a bit more than they did ... and they certainly left in a number of things I consider flubs! It's about 59 minutes long and was a lot of fun to do. Apologies in advance for everyone whose name I forgot or screwed up (yes, its Hugo Palma who's working on the Tapestry IntelliJ plugin).

Side note to the entire world: It's HiveMind; the "M" is upper case. Like my mother-in-law has said to my wife Suzanne: "If I had wanted to call you Suzy, that's what I would have named you."


Jagungal said...

You didn't fluff anything, you were a little nervous which I am supprised at for someone that speaks very well. I don't think anyone really cares if you can't remember some developers name.

Anyway .. you did brilliantly, covered everything they threw at you - and covered some good information.

I think you put them in thier place regarding the lack of graphical development tools and a number of other items. I just know how they normally go on about tapestry.

Well Done !! and a good listen.

Anonymous said...

Yes, it was a very pleasant an interesting interview to listen to.

James Hatton said...

Will be listening to the interview during Monday's comute. I got to see your presentation at the Gainsville JUG meeting a while back. That was very informative and most importantly useful/ practical.

ted said...

That was news to me!
Where can I find more information on that?

ciukes said...

Great interview - well done!
It was great to hear you during my morning coffee:)

You gave me interesting args for spring vs. hivemind discussions:)
This podcast is really interesting, full of tech informations. I like it!