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Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Tapestry for IDEA

Hugo Palma is now working on an IntelliJ plugin for Tapestry: Tapestry for IDEA. He appears to be factoring out the non-Eclipse specific code from Spindle, and reconnecting it inside IDEA's APIs. It's not clear how far along this process he is, but he is promising to post screenshots shortly.

2006 looks like a true banner year for Tapestry!


Anonymous said...

This is fantastic news!

Alexey Epishkin said...


Gregg said...

Looking forward to this as IDEA is my IDE of choice.

Anonymous said...

I missed the part about "he's factoring out...".

Ahem, I'm doing the "factoring out" thanks :-) That's part of why Spindle for 4 is taking so long.