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Saturday, January 07, 2006

Tapestry on Slashdot

Is it a sign of my personal immaturity that seeing a Slashdot article on Tapestry made my heart skip a beat? This is Slashdot covering the DeveloperWorks article and caught me by surprise. Let the fud/counter-fud begin!


Jan said...

congratulations howard, this is good news - tapestry clearly deserves more attention. I think the next big step towards a more widespread adoption will be seamless ajax integration (e.g. the excellent tacos component library). tapestry's design and component model allows for the development of ajax-enabled websites which will even work with js turned off (without code changes!), an important point if you're not developing for the "web20-don't-care-about-old-browsers" crowd.

jesse said...

I'm very excited abot the ajax integration part. Tapestry was definitely made to do it. I've got an itch that needs scratching and a lot of time to devote so I don't think our 6 month deadline is going to be a problem :)