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Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Tapestry at JavaOne 2006

I'm 50% for JavaOne this year; a BOF session for Tapestry ("The Component Edge: Creating and Using Components with Tapestry") was accepted, but a more introductory Tapestry session, like last year's, got passed over. I guess by JavaOne 2007 I'll be able to talk about Tapestry 5 :-).

As a BOF, there will be much more opportunity for interaction with the audience, and room for others to discuss what they are doing with Tapestry, which I think is exciting. No word on scheduling yet, beyond the May 16 - 19th for the overall conference. I probably won't stay for more than a day or two this year, as I have to be in London on the 22nd.

1 comment:

Chris Nelson said...

Same exact thing happened to me. The intro session was rejected but they kept my BOF. Would have preferred the other way around, but hey, I'm mostly just happy to be in!