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Friday, May 28, 2004

HiveMind home page updated

I've put up the updated HiveMind home page, which now has the Forrest look to it, replacing the old Maven look.

Forrest has its own issues, but at least those issues are localized to documentation, mostly navigation. For example, I just could not get the tabbing thing working; I'd like each of the modules (hivemind and hivemind.lib) to be its own tab, but after struggling for a long time, I've decided to punt. Forrest falls very far short on simplicity, consistency, efficiency and especially feedback ... but at least I can get pretty much the results I want, the way I want them, which I could not manage using Maven. The Maven guys blame Jelly but it's all the same to me!

Despite some pointers to other sets of Ant build tools, I've continued to develop my own home brew stuff, and it's fitting my needs quite well. Even when the rest of HiveMind goes into beta, the build scripts will still be alpha for a while.

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