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Monday, May 17, 2004

HiveMind work

Squeezed around the edges of my work in Germany, I got a bunch of work on HiveMind done. I've been doing a bit of refactoring, moving code around and splitting the Registry interface into two interfaces (Registry and RegistryInternal).

I changed <configuration-point> and <service-point> to not take a <schema> (or <parameters-schema>) element, but instead have a schema-id and parameters-schema-id attribute. I then made <schema&;gt; top-level only, and made its id attribute required. I found that a bit ponderous, though, and made changes to allow <schema> inside <configuration-point> (without an id attribute, and likewise for <service-point>/<parameters-schema>). So you can do it "in place" or "top level" but not mix the two.

Some big improvements to HiveDoc as well. The new HiveDoc splits the documentation across more files; separate files for each top-level schema, each service-point and each configuration-point, as well as for each module. Much less cluttered.

I also did an experiement; I copied-and-pasted the hivemind.sdl descriptor 26 times (as a.hivemind.sdl, b.hivemind.sdl, etc.) to see how well the XSLT would go with a fairly large input. The combined registry.xml (built by reading and combining all the descriptors) was half a megabyte but the generation of HTML was still under five seconds (to generate about 2.5 MB of HTML).

Since I was on the road, only some of this has been checked in. I'm in the middle of adding some more AOP-lite functionality; the ability to choose, with the LoggingInterceptor, which methods get logging. It'll look something like:

interceptor (service-id=hivemind.LoggingInterceptor)
  include (method="get*")
  exclude (method="*(foo.bar.Baz,int)")
  exclude (method="set*(2)")
  include (method="set*")
  exclude (method="*")

This will cause all methods with names starting with "get" to be logged, as well as most methods starting with "set". Methods with certain parameters, or a certain number of parameters, will be excluded.

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