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Tuesday, June 01, 2004

Spring Integration in HiveMind

I've added some basic integration with Spring to HiveMind. You can now make Spring responsible for createing a service and, effectively, link to it from within HiveMind. That is, the SpringLookupFactory can create a core service implementation by accessing a bean defined within a Spring BeanFactory. This opens up access to all sorts of Spring functionality (especially Hibernate integration) but keeps the syntax simple (and in SDL). Rod has suggested that HiveMind somehow "use" Spring's transaction interceptor, but that's a project for another day.

We'll have to see if the Spring guys follow suit and provide some integration in the other direction; I would love to see something symmetric, where a Spring factory could defer bean creation to a HiveMind service. That would allow Spring beans to tap into HiveMind's much more advanced configuration management.

I've also been wasting time fighting with Forrest to get the menus for the HiveMind site generated properly. It's doing the right thing for non-index.html pages. All the index.html pages keep getting all the menus, not just the menus for the selected tab. Probably a bug deep, deep, deep inside Forrest.

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