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Wednesday, May 19, 2004

HiveMind 1.0-alpha-5

I've just tagged the release, and will have downloads available shortly.

Lots of cool stuff between alpha-4 and alpha-5.

  • Simple Data Language
  • Improved HiveDoc
  • Initializable interface is gone, replaced with an initialize-method attribute on the construct element passed to BuilderFactory
  • Some minor renames and refactorings ... more work to seperate the "public face" (in org.apache.hivemind) from internals that user code shouldn't care about
  • Ability to define service models via hivemind.ServiceModels configuration point
  • Ability to define translators via hivemind.Translators configuration point
  • hivemind.Startup extension point for executing code when Registry is constructed
  • hivemind.EagerLoad extension point for forcing services to be instantiated early
  • Registry.cleanupThread() as a convienience for invoking ThreadEventNotifier

I believe HiveMind is ready to go forward; I would like to see a short beta period and a ramp up to GA release. During that period I hope to devote some time to converting from Maven to Ant and Forrest. Fixing up various link errors in the Javadoc would be nice as well. Generally, documentation is in excellent shape.

HiveMind will currently do everything I need it to do for Tapestry 3.1. That's *my* standard.

There are still a few debates out there; I've seen people strongly pro-and-con SDL, XML, Scripting ... but nobody's stepped up to the bat to do any work or even provide a really solid proposal. I'm still strongly in the declarative vs. procedural camp (i.e., no scripting) and vastly prefer SDL syntax to XML syntax.

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