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Thursday, April 01, 2004

"Tapestry In Action" in bookstores

Just called over to the local Barnes & Nobel and they claim they have Tapestry in Action in stock; time for a little field trip (and I'm bringing a camera). Times like this really make me feel the need for a digital camera.

I also understand that a review of the book will be appearing soon on TheServerSide.

Meanwhile, Tapestry 3.0-rc-2 is ready (a formal announcement will wait for 24 hours, for the many Apache distribution mirrors to pick up the new distro files). In addition, I'm waiting for the HiveMind infrastructure to be set up: for some reason, this is taking a while.

I've continued to play around with Hibernate; I really want to get some good patterns and best practices together, both for presentations at NoFluffJustStuff, and as part of my on-site presentations. I don't know that I'll have the Hibernate stuff together in time for the New England Software Symposium, however. I'm having trouble getting started and staying focused (not surprising for someone who had his kidney removed just 16 days ago).

Update: Barnes and Noble had a copy in stock (but misfiled with the HTML books, so I moved it to the Java section myself). Borders didn't have a copy yet, they were expecting it in the next day or so. Still, it was a fun rush to see the book in a book store! In addition, the HiveMind infrastructure tasks are finally in progress. Should have a new and better HiveMind in place today or tomorrow!

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