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Friday, April 16, 2004

Change Proposals on the HiveMind Wiki

HiveMind, for its entire history (nearly a year now), has been an ongoing experiment. It was a chance to start a project, fresh, in the Jakarta Commons (though that's not where it ended up). It was an experiment in using Maven as a build tool. It was an experiment in test driven development (give or take), with the goal to keep code coverage over 90% (it's at about 94% right now). I've also been pushing myself to keep the documentation up-to date with every change.

But the big experiment was to try and build a new community (overalapping Tapestry's community, of course) around it. That's been a bit shakey, largely because HiveMind was up, then down for a long time, then up, then frozen, and is only in the last week that the home page and all the infrastructure is in its final location, fully operational, and ready to work.

What's exciting now is that we're using the Wiki to Design In Full View. You can see this on the HiveMind Wiki, on the ChangeProposals page.

What do I mean by "Design In Full View"? It means that we are designing new aspects of the framework on the Wiki. Not just me, but others. And it's not "Design By Committee", we are having real discussions about approaches, requirements, relative merits, costs and benefits and so forth. The end result will be a living document in the Wiki that can be referenced, or used as the basis for final documentation.

We'll see where this heads. I'm confident that we have enough smart people on the team now, and more waiting in the wings, that we'll be accomplishing some insanely great things with HiveMind.

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