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Wednesday, April 07, 2004

Many pots coming to a boil

So, HiveMind after months and months of being left out in the cold, is finally turning into a real project again. It's a top-level Jakarta project, all of its infrastructure is in place, and the home page is now working (without all the broken links). I've also moved the model attribute out of the <service-point> descriptor element and into the <invoke-factory> and <create-instance> elements (which makes a lot more sense).

Tomorrow will be the next Tapestry release, 3.0-rc-3 (that's "release candidate #3"). I'm really expecting this to be the final release candidate ... but you can never tell.

Time to shift my attentions (and growing energies) back to important things: preparing for The Server Side Symposium and NoFluffJustStuff (big revisions necessary for my presentations --- to reduce the amount of fluff!) and otherwise preparing for upcoming public and private sessions about Tapestry.

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