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Thursday, April 29, 2004

Starting on Tapestry 3.1

I've been putting this off ...and I have many other things I could/should be doing. But before it goes any further, I need to move my refactorings of Tapestry out of the branch and into the head. Most of the refactorings concern classes that were moved from Tapestry into HiveMind. It's going to be a mess to put humpty dumpty back together again at this point.

Meanwhile I've very happy with how the Simple Data Language has turned out. I've been converting documentation and examples. HiveMind will support both formats indefinately. The debate still rages, though, and its boiled down to: declarative vs. procedural. I prefer the former, and I'm waiting for folks like Harish to come up with some form of design to support the latter. To me, the scriping/procedural approach looks harder to read. The SDL format is, I think, quite natural.

Finally, on the iTunes/iPod front I continue to be quite happy. The new "party mix" mode seems to work quite well, and I love the way iTunes merges songs together.

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