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Wednesday, August 01, 2012

Tapestry 5 Book by Igor Drobiasko

Is the one thing holding you back from embracing Tapestry the lack of a current book? Well, that excuse is finally going by the wayside; Igor Drobiazko, a Tapestry contributor (second in activity only to me) is getting ready to finish and self-publish his book on Tapestry 5.3: Tapestry 5: Rapid Web Application Development in Java

Want early access to the book? Join his funding campaign at indiegogo.

Igor hit his goal on day 1, but for as little as $25 you can get access to at least 400 pages of content as soon as the campaign ends, and the complete book when it's ready. You can also help assure that the book will be updated for the great improvements already cooking up in Tapestry 5.4.

1 comment:

Unknown said...

Thank you for spreading the word about the campaign, Howard. I'm looking forward to get the book into the final shape. Hope you and the entire Tapestry community will enjoy it.