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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Tapestry 5 Laptop Stickers

I'm the kind of guy who does a lot of self-expression on my laptop:

Hey, what's that at the bottom? A Tapestry 5 laptop sticker? Cool!

Want one? Drop me a line at hlship at gmail dot com with the subject "T5 STICKER". Provide me with a quick (one-line summary) of your project and a snail-mail address (outside the US is OK) and how many laptop stickers you need (keep it reasonable, as in, how many of your project developers will actually put one on their laptop).

First come, first serve, supplies are limited, offer may be rescinded at any time!

Update: I'm really enjoying seeing all the stories of people using Tapestry; if it's OK, I'd like to generate a list of people (just first name and last initial), country, and a one-line project summary, to post on this blog, or on tapestry.apache.org.

If you do NOT want to be publicized, please indicate that in your email.


Anton Tagunov said...

Hi, where did you get the stickers printed? I want to print some as well!

Unknown said...

I got them from Sticker Mule. In fact, I'll probably get another batch printed soon. If you want to print some of the Tapestry 5 stickers yourself, I can share you the .eps file for that (it was created by Robin K., a Tapestry committer).

Unknown said...

Here's a refferal link for StickerMule that benefits both of us: StickerMule. I just ordered another batch of stickers, based on the response.

Jon said...

Jon says he'd really like to see a sticker with the ascii tapestry logo that you see during the build.