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Thursday, February 11, 2010

Devoxx: Clojure Talk Now Available

A full video of my Devoxx 2009 talk, Clojure: Functional Concurrency for the JVM is now available:

The talk runs about 40 minutes and does not include the questions and answers from the end. You can see I was just a touch jetlagged and perhaps awed by the size of the rooms at Devoxx ... they are full scale movie theaters, with gigantic screens above, and powerful lights shining directly in your eyes. Worse, I was getting terrible feedback for the first few minutes.

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In any case, I've evolved this talk quite a bit since last November, and the current version focuses on the language itself rather than the concurrency features of Clojure. That's the talk I just gave in Paris.

Meanwhile, my first Tapestry training at SkillsMatter continues (tomorrow is day three of three) and it's just been a lot of fun. It's interesting to see that the students are gaining at the extremes: so many people miss basic features like the ?. operator of the property expression language, or how dependencies work in the IoC container ... and the very same people are really interested in the advanced meta-programming and AOP techniques available to Tapestry.

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