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Monday, December 14, 2009

Upcoming Public Training: London and Paris

SkillsMatter Logo This is a big announcement ... something I've been working on pretty much since I left Formos. I've partnered up with SkillsMatter to provide my three-day, hands-on Tapestry training as a public enrollment course!

This is the exact same course I provide as on-site training, but we'll be doing it at the SkillsMatter offices in London on February 10th, and then in Paris on the 15th.

This is a big experiment for me and for SkillsMatter in terms of growing the size of the Tapestry community. In fact, SkillsMatter has really upped the ante here by offering 2-for-1 on the London training ... that's a great way to kick things off!

I can't emphasize enough what a great opportunity this is for people to get accelerated Tapestry training at a discount (even before factoring in the 2-for-1 offer). I'm really looking forward to bringing many new developers into the fold!

In addition, there will be a special, free evening event at each location. Details on that to follow. I look forward to meeting even more of you there!

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