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Friday, August 28, 2009

Keeping track of Clojure dependencies

I've been coding more of Cascade and I'm tending to do lots of small namespaces. I'm concerned about circular dependencies, so I've been using OmniGraffle to keep track of what uses what:

I end up keeping this open in the background and updating it manually as I add new namespaces or change dependencies. I'm pretty sure it's accurate.

It does raise the question ... am I using the correct level of granularity? I think I am, and the individual files are pretty short:

$ find src/main/clojure -name \*.clj | xargs wc -l
      51 src/main/clojure/cascade/config.clj
     115 src/main/clojure/cascade/dispatcher.clj
      92 src/main/clojure/cascade/dom.clj
     107 src/main/clojure/cascade/filter.clj
      51 src/main/clojure/cascade/internal/parse_functions.clj
      94 src/main/clojure/cascade/internal/parser.clj
     205 src/main/clojure/cascade/internal/utils.clj
     113 src/main/clojure/cascade/internal/viewbuilder.clj
      36 src/main/clojure/cascade/jetty.clj
      39 src/main/clojure/cascade/logging.clj
      29 src/main/clojure/cascade/map_utils.clj
      56 src/main/clojure/cascade/mock.clj
      73 src/main/clojure/cascade/path_map.clj
      41 src/main/clojure/cascade/pipeline.clj
      30 src/main/clojure/cascade/urls.clj
      81 src/main/clojure/cascade.clj
    1213 total

... and that includes the ASL header comment in each file. Short and sweet.

Maintaining this chart seems like something I should automate at some point, however: It should be possible to use the reader to parse a Clojure source file without evaluating it; the first form should be the (ns), from which can be expanded the used and required namespaces (with a bit of effort, because of Clojure's very concise syntax). One more project for the back burner ...

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