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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Last call: Tapestry Webinar (Thu May 21)

Formos is sponsoring a live Tapestry Webinar on May 21st. I'll be presenting a 35 - 40 minute introduction to Tapestry 5, followed by live Q&A. I'll be focusing on the big-picture issues about what makes Tapestry useful, unique and fun. If you've been curious about what Tapestry is, or want a chance to ask a question about Tapestry directly, this is a great chance to do it!

Click a link below to register for the Webinar:


高爽 said...

Couldn't hear anything

Unknown said...

Once again, apologies for the technical glitches; despite our previous run through, something about the audio was off.

For those of you that stuck around ... I disappeared at the end because my throat gave out (I'm suffering from seasonal allergies this week and they all hit at once).

We'll be re-doing the webinar at 1pm and expect it to go much more smoothly.

Unknown said...

Great Webinar Howard! Thanks!
Some of my co-workers had to take off before the first webinar finished and had prior commitments so they couldn't see the second one. Were either of these recorded for offline viewing?

Unknown said...

We're looking to schedule a re-do of the 8am webinar a week or so after JavaOne.

Robin K. said...

Thanx for the webinar, that was a great idea.

I'm looking forward others now. :)