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Sunday, January 18, 2009

Using a Samsung ML-1450 with Airport Extreme

I just upgraded my router to an Airport Extreme, partially just to allow Suzy to use the printer even when I don't have my laptop hooked up. However, the printer in question is a Samsung ML-1450 which doesn't have great compatibility under Mac OS X.

After a little searching I have it working quite nicely. An Apple Support Thread plus some poorly written release notes almost tell the whole story.

Remove your printer (from the Printer Preferences) if it currently exists.

Delete the folder /Library/Printers/SAMSUNG. That's all the old set of Samsung drivers.

Download the updated Samsung Drivers.

Run the install; it will do a full restart.

Open Printer Preferences and add the printer back in. It should auto-discover the new drivers (which will display as "Samsung SPL 2.5").

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