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Friday, December 26, 2008

Off topic: You Aint Got No Pancake Mix!

I have a new hero:

Taking on intolerance (religious or otherwise) with humor is a great tactic.


Jeff Olson said...

I'm not clear why you think the woman preaching is intolerant. From what I could see in the video, the idiot shouting about pancake mix was the intolerant one. He was the one who was trying to hijack a peaceful discussion for his own purposes.

Noel Grandin said...

Fancy that. I was not under the impression that rudely and loudly disrupting someone was now considered effective debate in the USA.

Chrigel said...

yeah, but she really aint got no pancake mix, that preacher lady :)

Pljuska said...

Howard, this is your first post that I dont understand very well :-) maybe some extra story about women or about that guy on video might help me to understand what you try to tell us :-)
One lady who have right to talk in public and one guy who also have that right, with one difference, he is very annoying and rude.

manly_chicken said...

Howard, I love your framework, and you're an excellent designer...but I've gotta disagree with you here. One thing I've noticed is that "tolerance" has evolved to mean that it's only tolerant to say there are no absolutes...as soon as someone mentions the existence of an absolute truth (implying that we will be accountable to God some day, based on standards He has given us), it's labeled intolerant behavior. That's like saying that describing the law of gravity is intolerant, because I'm saying it's something that applies to everyone, and nobody can escape it.

The mathematician/philosopher Pascal had it right: if Christianity is wrong, and I live my life as a Christian, it's a small loss...I've still lived according to principles that gave me a fulfilling, peaceful life. But if Christianity has it right, and I don't live my life as a follower of Jesus Christ...I'm going to spend eternity experiencing the anger of an Almighty God.

I encourage you not to shut down a message that you don't agree with...look at it rationally, check it out to see if there's truth in it. If you really investigate it and don't find truth, you can tune it out without resorting to what this fellow did.

Here's a good resource...at 15-minute podcast that'll get you thinking.


Unknown said...

You said: "based on standards He has given us"
How do you know these standards? You can not even prove the existence of this standard giving god.
... but I can prove you the existence of gravity.

And despite the fact that religious people are not able to prove the existence of there "source" you try to change curricula in schools all over the world.
Do in your churches what ever you like, but please don't stop our children to learn probative thinks and not your mumbo jumbo stuff.

I don't like the behaviour of that guy in the video ... but at least what he claims is true.

manly_chicken said...


Thanks for replying. I appreciate knowing how you feel about this.

You mentioned, "You can not even prove the existence of this standard giving god."

Friend, there's a bit of a fallacy there, isn't there? The existence of God isn't something that you prove. I've seen lots of examples where there was plenty of proof given, but that doesn't make someone believe; you either start with a belief that God exists, and then all evidence gets interpreted with that assumption; or you start with a belief that He doesn't exist, and all evidence gets interpreted with that assumption (in which case it is is impossible to prove His existence).

Jesus Christ said that He has given us enough evidence (in the created world around us) to prove His divine nature (Romans 1). If we choose to ignore that proof, that's our responsibility, not His.

If you are interested in looking at this further, there is quite a bit of scientific evidence out there regarding this. A good resource is http://www.answersingenesis.org . There are lots of Ph.D.'s...astronomers, geologists, biologists...trained at large universities...who agree with the claims that God has made in Genesis 1-10. Some of them are actively performing research on this, and findings lots of evidence supporting the claims of the Bible.

Friend, please don't wait until it's too late to discover truth. According to the Bible, there will come a day when all of us will stand in front of Jesus Christ in judgment. All of us have sinned against Him...if He remembers our sins, none of us could stand. He offers a free way of avoiding that judgment (through His death in our place on the cross), but it requires believing what He has told us (http://www.creationmuseum.org/goodnews). Please don't wait until you're standing on front of Him before you finally acknowledge His existence, because then it'll be too late.