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Friday, November 09, 2007

SVNServe on Mac OS X

Somewhere along the way in switching from Fink to MacPorts (ostensibly because MacPorts is better supported) I shutdown my local SVN server. Strangely, the SVN for MacPorts doesn't include anything to assist in running a local SVN server.

Fortunately I found this useful snippet and it seems to work great, even after a reboot. Be careful to change the user name (at the bottom), the group name (at the top) and the SVN root repository (towards the top). For my system, I created a www user and www group as the owner of the SVN repository.

It may seem odd to run SVN server on a laptop; but this laptop is my development machine, and it goes with me everywhere, so I'm never in a position where I can't access my repository. Dave Thomas encourages you to store everything in version control, and I do my best.

Over the weekend, I'll be upgrading to Leopard, hopefully this will continue to work. I'm optimistic.


Unknown said...

For those looking to install subversion and apache2 using apache authentication on OSX, I have written up a step by step tutorial. It's here.

Downside said...

FYI, Java 1.6 Developer Preview doesn't run on Leopard.


I don't want to see a blog entry on here next week about how the upgrade means you have to backport Tapestry to Java 1.5. :)

Unknown said...

Backport? 1.5 is Tapestry's base JDK release. It's good that we compile on and against 1.5. There have been minor problems using 1.6 (due to Javassist) though I'm hoping the upgrade to Javassist 3.6.ga will help there.

Geoffrey Wiseman said...

This seems like a good argument for using a distributed revision control system (e.g. bzr, git, hg). Git even works with Subversion, I gather, although the windows tooling is not spectacular.