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Monday, October 01, 2007

TheDailyTube: Powered by Tapestry 5

A posting on the Tapestry mailing list led me to TheDailyTube, a video sharing site powered by ... Tapestry 5. It may be "alpha", but people are putting their faith in Tapestry 5.

The site looks sweet and is plenty responsive. Can't really tell too much else about the site though ... they've turned off the default exception page. Still, this is the kind of high volume, outward facing site that I'm proud to have helped facilitate. Viva Tapestry 5!


Unknown said...

Hey Howard, TheDailyTube was a joy to do in Tapestry, even in Alpha state. I'm hoping that you saw the overriden the error page because you were prying and not because of an actual error! You don't need the exception page to see how the site ticks, I'll gladly give you SVN access to the source so you can check it out directly ;)


Unknown said...

Yes, exactly, I triggered an invalid URL to see if you had changed the error page. Pretty irresponsible of me to not state that more explicitly.

I may take you up on that offer ... a chance to look at production T5 code may give me some insights on how to tune and improve the framework further.

tanusoft said...

If it can be interesting for you, I'm currently working on a project for the French national railways company (SNCF), which is completely powered by Tapestry 5.

I've already worked on several other projects using Tapestry for other big French companies, but it was mostly the 3.x version (some with the 4.1). But unfortunately, for widely known reasons, I don't think there is a chance these projects would be ported to T5 someday...

Anyway, we've taken the risk to go with T5 for this new project that has started about 2 months ago, hoping the final release would be expected until the end of this year (it's still currently in developement...) I do hope it won't be delayed too much...

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