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Thursday, September 06, 2007


Well, Hani has finally Biled the Bearded One. But what a cheap and meaningless shot ... he's upset about a switch from commons-logging to SLF4J? What is it with Hani and commons-logging? Did commons-logging steal his prom date? Did it kick sand in his face at the beach? Maybe it touched him inappropriately as a child. In any case, he's strangely obsessive about anything that touches on the subject.

On a serious note ... people have come out of the woodwork to defend the use of JDK logging, especially inside Websphere (God help them), which does justify a pluggable approach. Again, Log4J does not quite fit all, and because it is based on classes, not interfaces, it gets in the way of mock testing.


Ceki said...

Congrats, Howard!

I would not be too bothered with being biled by Hani. Of course, that's easier said than done. When it had happened to me, I was really very upset.

For one, the bileblog should not be taken seriously. And second, getting biled gets you another 15 minutes of fame.

By the way, we get a lot of hits on the SLF4J site through your last blog on SLF4J. For a project with only 2 or 3 users that's quite something.

Unknown said...

Yep, Biled just means someone is paying attention. I actually asked Hani why Tapestry hadn't been biled yet (this was at JavaOne 2006) and he said (then) "because I like Tapestry."

Bill Holloway said...

He may like Tapestry a lot. Freud called this "reaction formation."

Kara Lee Jones said...

IMHO i think he (and like alot of other people whom bash the tapestry project) are frustrated cuz they haven't figured out how to use it. Inversion Control is pretty complex after all. ;)

neways keep up the good work howard. you always get my vote :)