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Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Talking in Boulder and Denver

I'm doing back-to-back JUG talks next week:

Jun 13: Denver JUG

Jun 14: Boulder JUG

I'll be doing the same talk, a compressed introduction to Tapestry 5.


Anonymous said...

See you there.


石头 said...

Can you post your Talk ppt(pdf) for download on you blog,when you finish your Talk?? I want to study Tapestry 5.

R. Sanders said...

Rather than subscribe to one of the mailing lists; I just thought I'd post this here - the Tapestry 5.0.4 maven poms appear to be broken (as of last night). Error is -

1) org.apache.tapestry:tapestry-core:jar:5.0.4-SNAPSHOT

I can see that you're hard at work on 5.0.5, but I'd really hoped to get started learning. Anyway, thought you should know.

Unknown said...

It's a well known glitch, with solutions on the user mailing list.

mveloso said...

May we have your Talk? maybe the JavaOne "BOF" too? Documentation about T5 are always welcome. Thanking you in anticipation. :-)