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Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Maven Archetype for Tapestry 4

Sure, Webtide did it first, but it seems like Josh Long may have done it better: Tapestry 4 Maven Archetype.


Josh Long said...

Howard, thanks again for the mention/support. It (and your work) is very appreciated!

Unknown said...

Hello Josh & Howard,

I tried the T4 archetype yesterday. It worked superbly. Is the server ( http://codecafe.dev-hda.com/repository) down now? I tried later at home and the archetype artifact couldn't be found.


Josh Long said...

Borut, I'm glad the archetype worked for you! I never noticed this before, but the URL doesn't work without a trailing '/'! Odd.. The site is (should be?!) still up. Thanks for the feedback!