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Thursday, November 24, 2005

Tapestry @ JavaForge

I'm just about done setting up Tapestry @ JavaForge, an auxillariy site for Tapestry components and extensions. I've been experimenting with Maven 2, so far with some decent success. I especially like the Wiki-ish "almost plain text" format for documentation. Maven 2 still has a number of teething issues, and I haven't even touched the critical multi-project support yet, but I'm cautiously optimistic.

No downloads just yet, but the source code is easily accessible via Subversion and builds using Maven, which is close enough.

Can you tell I'd really rather not be balancing my checkbook right now? Merry Turkey-Day!


Massimo said...

Well Howard, i'm not able to anonymously checkout code from javaforge, and i'm very-more-then-willing to look at it.

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svn: PROPFIND of '/svn/tapestry/tapestry-prop/trunk': authorization failed (http://svn.javaforge.com)

Anonymous said...

Howard, I am very excited to see that you are working on this. I've been profilling a massive tapestry app and have found that at least 30% of the time is spent in OGNL calls. Unfortunatly I am stuck with tapestry 3 for a while because I dug myself in a bit too deep.

Is there any hope of OGNL 3.0 in the near future?

Massimo said...

Howard, you rock.

Anonymous said...

Kris, Have a look at: