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Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Tapestry 4.0-beta-3, TapestrySupport.com

Tapestry 4.0-beta-3 is now available; it's more bug fixes. I've reworked how automatic cursor positioning works; it's no prioritized: first field in error, or first required field, or just plain first field. You can now turn off automatic cursor positioning (aka "focus") but settting the enclosing Form's focus parameter to false.

I've also started reviving the Virtual Library example. I'm having a little trouble getting McKoi DB deployed into JBoss 4. I briefly considered switching over to Derby, but that's not available via the Maven repository yet (still alpha).

The Virtual Library will change quite a bit as I get it working for Tapestry 4.0, as I rework it to use all the nifty features (including annotations). I'm keeping notes to form a more general Tapestry 3.0 -> Tapestry 4.0 upgrade guide.

Meanwhile, after much too long, the TapestrySupport.com web site has gone live, and a press release is going out. This is a site dedicate to professional support of Tapestry. Check it out!


Lennart said...

Hi Howard,

I is a good thing that professional tapestry support is better made available by an initiative like this.
On the other hand i can't help but noticing that we have another tapesty site here.
I my opinion Tapestry misses a portal site with a good overview and links to existing initialtives.
Do you have plans here?
Would you encourage this if someone would take the initialtive on doing this?

Kind regards,

initgraf said...

I have read Tapestry in Action and I would really like to start to get my feet wet with using Tapestry. However, the Tapestry book covers version 3.0 and most of the things on the Tapestry web site are pushing the 4.0 beta.

So my question to everyone is what's the best course of action? Should I start writing Tapestry applications based on the 3.0 version or try to make sense of all the new ways of doing things in 4.0? I am not familiar with JDK 1.5, but I do have the O'Reilly book on the new JDK 1.5 features.

I realize that 4.0 is Tapestry's future, but which is easier, to convert a 3.0 app to 4.0, or to start with 4.0?

I would really appreciate some feedback on this.


Terrapin said...

Hey mj. I'm in a similar position to you, and I've found that jumping right into Tap 4 has been fairly easy. For the most part things are the same, and the new Tapestry 4 features, such as annotations and the new listener syntax, are pretty slick.

Read through the quick start and the new user's guide and I imagine you'll be fine.