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Sunday, December 12, 2004

Tapestry 3.1 update

I've been squeezing in time to do a lot of updates to Tapestry 3.1 over the last few days, including on my flights to and from shopping.com.

I've been updating the Wiki with details on some of these changes ... at a high level the additions are:

  • Friendly URLs (!)
  • Modularity (put your pages in subdirectories)
  • Lots of new binding prefixes: asset:, component:, bean:, and listener:

Tapestry 3.1 continues to shape up as a radical rethinking of Tapestry 3.0 ... while staying about 95% backwards compatible. It will be both more efficient and more expressive (not to mention supremely extensible). Remember: Less is More!

1 comment:

Restless Mind said...

On the topic of Tapestry 3.1, is it possible to update the framework so that the page/component/application specifications with the extension .xml are acceptable (something similar to Hibernate)? I would like to see Tapestry accepting specification files like:

- HelloWorld.application.xml
- HelloWorld.page.xml
- HelloWorld.jwc.xml

For users, like myself, not using Spindle, this would prove to be helpful for us using other xml editors.

Thanks and keep up the good work on developing Tapestry! :)