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Wednesday, December 03, 2003

Typesetting is happening ... HiveMind still in transition

The typesetting for the Tapestry in Action book has started; I've now seen exactly what chapter one will look like (in PDF form). I understand that chapter 2 is nearly ready as well.

How odd, I just looked at the Tapestry in Action page, and the picture has changed ...

Nobody told me! Looks like they're matching the color scheme of this blog :-) I don't know, I've worked pretty hard on this book, I think I deserve a better cover illustration ... maybe a charging Samurai warrior with a bloody sword. So far, we've gotten a chick with a goatee (ok, just a bit of background detail near her chin, but that's what it looks like) and now some kind of prancing skirt-wearing type.

Also, just talked to Prashant, my buddy at WebCT: the HiveMind IP transfer (a matter of getting WebCT to sign over the rights to the HiveMind code over to the ASF) is still going on, they've just had office moves, code freezes, and user conferences get in the way -- it's not a high priority item for them. It may take some time (frustrating!) but still sounds like things are happening.

I've been feeling a bit isolated at my day job (temporarily here at NLG). Seems like the other employees here kind of consider the work their day job, they just don't share my (extreme) passion for finding the right solution, for really getting into the meat of things. I haven't found anyone to replace Prashant at WebCT (or Greg Burd at Primix, or Kenny Anderson at Stratus) ... people who really live and breath this stuff, people who enjoy thinking beyond the next line of code.

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