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Tuesday, September 09, 2003

More substantial docs on HiveMind

I've added several new documentation items to the HiveMind site. One describes how to "bootstrap" registry ... exactly what code you execute to locate and parse all the HiveMind module deployment descriptors and form a Registry (it's just a couple of lines). A second page describes how to override a service with a new service. Finally, a big page is a case study of how HiveMind is used in Vista to manage startup and shutdown logic.

Meanwhile, HiveMind is really taking root at WebCT. Several new projects within Vista will leverage HiveMind in one way or another; all of these fit the HiveMind pattern: service oriented, with distributed configuration needs. For example, a new data access layer is in the works, and different tools and services will contribute DAOs (Data Access Objects) for different types of databases. Rob Lorring has just put together a JMX-based monitoring package using HiveMind ... different tools contribute different monitors. The new caching service is configured using HiveMind as well.

The recent call for contributors to form a HiveMind community is also coming along, with a few people popping up to see what it's all about. Once I have a free moment (a laughable concept) I'll put together a proposal to move HiveMind from the sandbox into Jakarta commons proper.

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