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Monday, August 25, 2003

Stick a fork in it!

Tapestry in Action is complete, uploaded and ready to go. Well, not quite, tomorrow when I'm not quite so bleary eyed, I'm going to make a final pass over the manuscript to find any lingering errors. Still, this has been eight months of fairly continuous effort, overshadowing everything else going on in my life, stealing my summer, distracting me from extending Tapestry and HiveMind.

Next up, fill in the Tapestry documentation gaps and make sure Tapestry is 3.0 (final) before the book is on the shelves. Clock is ticking, we have about two months!

Hopefully, many hands will make light work; looks like we may have three (!) new Tapestry members shortly, including Erik Hatcher (aka, Mr. Ant), Tsvetelin Saykov (who works with Mind Bridge) and Harish Krishnaswamy.

Meanwhile, a few folks are not too happy that I responsed to some flame-batewith some industrial strength venom. Was it unprofessional? Perhaps; I do take Tapestry very, very personally (which is paradoxical with how pleased I am at how the community and developer pool is growing). Still, leaving a challenge like that unanswered is not in my nature ... and if you read what's in my reply, I think you'll see that, even within the flame, I'm still on-message and marketing! marketing! marketing!

And now to bed ... tomorrow I buy my new house (!). Yes, it's everything, all the time, 24/7 and full after-burners at Chez Howie.

If you like retro arcade-action-puzzle games, check out Rocket Mania! by Popcap Games. This is the other thing keeping me from finishing the Tapestry docs :-)

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