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Monday, March 08, 2010

Java Champion

You might call it petty, you might call it vain, but I've aspired to be recognized as a Java Champion for the last couple of years. The process by which you are selected for this is a bit secretive, but I've finally gotten the nod and joined the roster.

My larger goal for Tapestry has always been to create a web application platform so compelling that it would draw developers to the Java programming language, just to be able to use it. Of course, that's not so much a goal as it is a journey. Technologically, I think Tapestry has the chops to embrace that goal (or journey) ... and looking at current discussions and developments in the Tapestry world, I think the other critical areas where Tapestry is lagging (namely, Documentation and Marketing) may come around.

Want to do your part? Blog about Tapestry ... what you like, what you don't like, what's missing, and what's hidden.


Gabriel F. Rodríguez said...

Good job! What I like? Simplicity. Don't like? JavaScript integration. Hidden? Power. Missing? Support for recursive rendering.

anjan said...


Yes, Tapestry needs lots of documentation and good books to draw out people.

there are even more java web frameworks than there were when Tapestry came to notice 5 years ago.

Good Luck!

Nathan said...

Congratulations! This is much-deserved.

Yes, I agree that documentation and marketing of Tapestry are certainly lacking. Which is unfortunate because it is so powerful.

I'll second the wish for recursive rendering... though I realize that it doesn't easily fit with Tapestry's implementation of components.

Daniel said...

Goal achieved. I came from PHP/Symfony Framework to Tapestry on Google App Engine. Still learning as it has been a long time since I used JAVA the last time (complexity of J2EE/EJB made me part).

Thanks for Tapestry and congrats becoming a JAVA champion. Hope it helps drawing attention to Tapestry!


PS: I post about the little stumbling stones on my way at www.atentia.net for myself and others in the same situation.