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Thursday, March 25, 2010

Improvements to Live Class Reloading in 5.2

I just spent the morning making some improvements and fixes to live class reloading. The umbrella for reloading has now extended to any class that Tapestry instantiates ... whether is by ObjectLocator.proxy() or any variation of Configuration.addInstance(). In all those cases, when Tapestry is doing the instantiating, and there's a service interface, what gets created is a reloadable proxy ... as long as there is a class file available.

The interesting part is that for development you get the live class reloading behavior. In production, you will not, because all the classes will be packaged up in JARs, not on the file system.


Dustin said...

Cool. Any thoughts on a timeline for release?

Howard said...

A release? Why would we ever do that? :-)

Robin K. said...

That is so awesome. Tapestry is changing the way we consider Java development. I love that.