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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

In The Brain Of Howard Lewis Ship

SkillsMatter Logo While I'm in London for three days of Tapestry 5 Training, I'll also be giving an evening In The Brain Of talk ... on Tapestry, because there's not that much else rattling around my brain lately. Whereas Ben's talk was about lessons learned at the tail end of a Tapestry project, my talk gives you a point of reference on what Tapestry is all about, and why you want to start using it.

Swing by, take in the talk, and come on out for a pint or two! The talk is Tuesday, April 13th at 18:30.

1 comment:

killer_tilapia said...

Mr. Ship, I have deployed already 2 working intranet webapps using tapestry5 but I suspect that they are hacks or a patchwork of kludges that somehow work. My question is when do I get the book? When will you finish the book on tapesty5?