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Thursday, November 13, 2008

Tapestry 5 Ajax Screencast

This is a follow on to my previous JSF comparison; Jim Discoll produced a Simple Ajax JSF example, and this screencast is the Tapestry 5 equivalent. I promise I'll stop now!


Borut BolĨina said...

Please continue! Don't stop.

Denis McCarthy said...

Just wondering, what program do you use to record your screencasts?

Numito said...


Great job, it looks really nice. But I was wondering as you test new technologies when you finish a project milestone. I think you are trying closure right now, have you thought of trying sproutcore js framework ? What would you think about it, and how do you think it could fit with Tapestry ? Could it announce the end of server side presentation framework ?

Great work!


Howard said...

I use SnapzPro to generate screencasts. Simple, cheap and gets the job done.

I'm interested in some of the pure-client frameworks; Cappuccino is the one that interests me most after a casual glance, because it is modeled on AppKit, the Objective-C framework that I first learned Object Oriented Programming on.

Alexey Epishkin said...

Waiting for more advanced examples of using zones. For example "in place edits" or "dynamic addition of fields to forms"

Bill Holloway said...

Just spent some time with Cappucino, making myself install the textmate bundle and working through the first tutorial and looking at the photo-arranger app.

Objective-j is compelling -- I esp like being able to message null! -- but it's like the bad old days of hand-coding swing in some layout manager.

A professional IDE with a GUI builder debugging, code-completion, suggestions, etc., is badly needed. Perhaps a killer set of plugins for IntelliJ or Eclipse.

Steve said...

Thanks Howard, nice succinct example.

Toby said...

Updating zones on webpages from the client side is important for most websites.

However, automatically updating zones from the server-side (tiggered by events) is at least as important when you start to code a webproject today.

Do you happen to know Badoo?

This is why I have added a Jira wish to integrate Comet/Atmosphere more tightly into Tapestry.