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Monday, November 24, 2008

Goodbye Vienna, Hello NetNewsWire

Seems like the Mac has a huge number of RSS readers. For a while I was using Vienna, but it stopped working after a recent update (no blogs ever updated!). So I just switched to NetNewsWire. So far, I like it quite a bit!

I was even able to keep my old subscriptions by dragging them (alas, one at a time) from the Vienna window the the NNW window.

I'm sure everyone has their favorite, and its not like I did a systematic survey; just a quick couple of Google searches and decided I liked it.


fgantt said...

I've used Google Reader for a couple of years now. I like being able to access my feeds from anywhere (hehe...sometimes to the detriment of my productivity).

ciukes said...

+1 Google Reader

phoet said...

Funny stuff! Yesterday I switched from netvibes to NetNewsWire!

drewmca said...

+1 also on Google Reader. It replaced NetNewsWire for me. easier to use, and more importantly the iPhone version (ByLine) is faster than NetNewsWire's version.

Mike Desjardins said...

I just switched from Google Reader to NetNewsWire and haven't looked back. You can still access your feeds from anywhere using NewsGator, but the native interface of NetNewsWire just feels more crisp than Google's.

Craig said...

NewsFire is the best in my opinion. I got it as part of a MacHeist and now I always use it.