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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Ready for 5.0.17?

Looks like 5.0.16 will not be the final release, there will be a very modest 5.0.l7 that addresses a couple of annoyances that didn't have good work-arounds.

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magicaj said...

Great job on this final push to GA, we have been using Tap since 5.0.2ish and could not be more happy with the framework. In the earlier days of developing with Tapestry we would stumble upon minor framework bugs and undoubtedly within a few minor releases that bug would be fixed!

Tapestry makes my job fun.

As an experienced Tap5 dev, one annoyance introduced in 5.0.16 that I hope makes 5.0.17 is the way that mixin render phases short circuit to the components counterpart render phases when the expected next render phase is the mixins counterpart render phase.

Keep up the awesome work!