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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Tapestry Europe Tour

I'm going to be in Oslo, Norway for JavaZone from Sep. 16 to Sep. 19th. I'm presenting on Thursday afternoon.

Next up, a week of Tapestry training in London.

I then fly to Amsterdam on Sep. 27th, for three more days of Tapestry training and then some vacation.

Next, down to Paris just for vacation before returning home on October 10th.

Should be a lot of fun, and a chance to meet with new and future Tapestry users. I can't wait!


Andreas Pardeike said...

Cool! We are the largest book distributor in Sweden with many in-house and external customer sites all build with Tapestry 4+5. Hopefully I can meet you in Oslo!

Since Tapestry is so underrated here in Sweden, we are actually looking for a way to push and promote it.

Looking forward to meet you.

Pljuska said...

Hi Howard.

Next time when you'll planning vacation in Europe, please consider Croatia as a destination.

It is very attractive and beautifully Mediterranean country. I think Dubrovnik is one of the top destinations in the world.

But, ignore all that facts, because in Croatia (city of Rijeka) you have at least one BIG BIG Tapestry fun ... isn't that a good reason to come? :-)

Marko Baricevic

Shing said...

What a bad coincidence ! I will be away (from London) in Milan on work in mid September for 6 weeks.

fanf said...

Hello Howard !

I am in Paris with other people working at Linagora and daily using T5 (since T5.0.1 :), and I would be (really) glad to meet you around a beer, if you have some hours to spend with frenchies :)

Hope you will be interested, and if you are ok, see you in October in Paris !

Francois Armand