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Thursday, August 21, 2008

Joshua Considers Tapestry 5

Josua Partogi has put together a nice quick intro to Tapestry 5. My only complaints are that the formatting makes the blog posting a bit hard to read, and that he included a lot of extra stuff in AppModule (put there by the Tapestry quickstart archetype) that's not required, such as the request timing filter. The archetype adds that as an example of what you can do. Finally, he uses the term "template" where all other documentation calls that type of component a "layout" (or, in Tapestry 4 terms, a "border").

1 comment:

Joshua Partogi said...

Hey Howard,

Thanks for the input. I'll fix the post. I'm enjoying Tapestry 5. Thanks for the effort on bringing this great framework.

Best regards