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Thursday, August 07, 2008

In Portland, even the cafes are Scalable

Portland is a town where, while walking to the gym, you can come across someone sitting at a sidewalk table of a local cafe, leafing through a hard-copy of Programming in Scala. We chatted for a moment (even though I was not quite awake yet). One more thing for me to do ... check out Lift.

And, yes, he actually had a print shop print and bind the PDF (as the book is only available electronically right now).


Mike Desjardins said...

Same thing here, in Portland (Maine, that is!)

Chris Baker said...

I'll be curious to get your reaction to Scala (and Lift was well).

Michael said...

I'm as curious as Chris Baker. I'm yet another typical Struts/JSP Java developer. I'm trying to decide whether adding Tapestry or Scala and lift to my bag of tricks would be more useful and entertaining.