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Monday, May 12, 2008

Tapestry for Nonbelievers at InfoQ

Renat and Igor's long awaited article, Tapestry for Nonbelievers is finally available. Check it out!

My only real criticism is that, had they focused on Hibernate, some of the code that switches back and forth between entities and entity ids would be handled automatically by tapestry-hibernate.

They're promising to follow through with more articles. I welcome it!


Oliver said...

I'm a believer Howard, we've been using tapestry 4 on our project for years. We'd dearly love to upgrade to V5 but as we're an agile team we can't upgrade the whole project at once. As far as I can see there isn't really any reason why you shouldn't be able to use both in the same project. Except that is for the package/class name clashes, have you thought about using the package name org.apache.tapestry5 like hibernate did? This would seem to solve the currently ironic situation that the only people that can't adopt tapestry 5 within an existing project are people that already use Tapestry. How about it Howard, can you let us old Tapestry fans in on the fun?

david said...

Howard - I introduced a group of developers to Tapestry4 about a year ago, with great success and speed of uptake. One of the difficulties with Tapestry4 was its 'static' nature - i.e. it was not possible to create components at runtime and add them to a template on an ad hoc basis. The best solution I had to this was to use different Blocks in a RenderBlock component. Is it any easier to do this now in Tapestry5?