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Thursday, May 29, 2008

Nearly ready for 5.0.12

Tapestry 5.0.12 will be available pretty soon; I'm working on one very important component that's tricky to get Just Right: AjaxFormLoop. This is a component that allows you to dynamically add and remove rows (or divs, list items, whatever) that represent detail objects under a master object ... think line items in an invoice. The trick, of course, it to make it useful as-is, and to make it easy to customize it. It takes a bit of state-management gymnastics to make everything work just right, but it's almost there.

I expect to get this finished up in the next couple of days along with other work, and create a 5.0.12 release early next week.


Gustavo Peiretti said...

Very good!.

We have migrated from 3 to Tapestry Tapestry 4.1 and we are very happy at our company.

lblanchette said...

I look forward to this and see the need for it a lot.

I hope you are talking about something like this (see bottom of image):


Bill Holloway said...

We are very much looking forward to AjaxFormLoop. I have an ugly hacked subclass of grid going to get this kind of functionality. It works but this sounds much better.