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Monday, February 11, 2008

Short review of "Tapestry 5 - Building Web Applications"

The Develop in Java web site has a short review of Alexandar's book. They liked it:

I liked this book and found the writing style to be informative and easy to read. If you have little or no knowledge of Tapestry 5 and you are interested in it (or just want to decide if you should be using it for your applications), then this is the book for you.


Olivier said...

I actually finished it saturday and it is indeed simple to give you a feel of tapestry but some things are awkward.

For the first chapter you can just type the code of the book into your editor and follow along. But for the other chapters there is a lot of code and the code you can download is how it will look at the end of the chapter so you can no longer follow along. Or you have to type everything yourself.

It's also based on 5.0.6 and a couple of things have changed since then. The example with the two submit buttons doesn't work, you need to add type=select I think.

Everything is well-explained until near the end where he starts talking about a "service". I've seen this everywhere in the tapestry docs and lists yet I cannot figure out what is ment with a "service". Is this something common in Java? It would be nice explain what a "service" is in the Tapestry context.

And last but not least, there is nothing about tapestry-hibernate. That was a big bummer for me. But with the help of the wiki howto's I was able to make it work.

(Anyone has a quickstart-hibernate artifact?)

Lakshitha Ranasinghe said...

Firstly I would like to thank for the service you are doing to the IT community. I'm a Software Engineer from Sri Lanka who is currently working with Tapestry 5. It saved my time a lot. The powerful concepts like IOC and easy configurations are awesome. in fact, I like to know about CSS editing for the BeanDisplay component. I stuck in this thing.if you can add some clarification on that it would be really helpful. Thanks