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Sunday, February 17, 2008


Well over a year ago, I had to start moderating comments on this blog, due to a couple of (or more likely, a single) pathetic individual(s) who were using the comments feature in an attempt to upset me with derogatory comments about Tapestry and about myself. Let's call this person "Jed". Jed is truly wierd and sad ... that anyone would find this kind of harrassment appropriate points to an injured and emotionally crippled mind.

Today I got back to my desk to see the latest comment from this twit ... and he'd gone nuclear: he made remarks about my wife.

That goes far past merely sad, and deep into the desperate and cowardly. I've been posting articles, blogs and comments for over ten years and have never posted anything anonymously. And where I have attacked a technology before, and even made statements I later regret, I've always done so openly and honestly. Jed hides behind anonymity to cause injury he would in no way dare make in person.

I have no problems with criticisms of Tapestry or myself because I have appropriate faith in my technical acumen and accomplishments. But I would never, even in jest, stoop to the levels this lowlife scumbag has taken.

The best course of action is just to ignore him, as I do when he writes inflammatory mails on the Tapestry mailing lists. I won't gratify his deplorable need for attention by going into more detail about who he is or what he wrote. But someone out there may actually know "Jed" and should take him aside and tell him to act like an adult, or at least, not like a baboon.


Craig said...

Unfortunately, idiots like this can really bring people's moral down, no matter how truthful or untruthful they are...

Hopefully the jerk will grow up, chances are he never will. Try not to let him get you down, and if you see that the message is from him, don't even bother reading it.

Good luck... I would hate to have such a great mind be destroyed by this "Jed"

Dion Almaer said...


I hear your pain my friend. I have had my fare share of this over the years on various forums.

Unfortunately it only takes a jerk or two to really ruin your day. You have to keep reminding yourself that for every "Jed" there are a huge number of people that enjoy your postings and the work that you do.



Lindsay said...

Don't let these messages from one demented individual get you down Howard. You are dong a great job and the future for tapestry is looking bright and interesting.

I remember one time many years ago online where we had someone like this, an absolute terror and very insulting to everyone he could find. One guy who was at the time in the military (a really big guy) tracked him down to his real address and knocked on the door. The intention was to confront the person and basically flatten him. What the guy saw when he opened the door was the skinniest most pathetic young weed of a person. He said he could not nothing but laugh at him.

I am guessing this is something similar in this case, someone who is lacking something in their own life and trying to use anonymity to make them feel better about their pathetic existence.

You are far above someone like that, they will never achieve what you have or have the respect and support you do.

Adam said...

Howard, I wish you all the best and stay focused on what you're doing. The pathetic looser is simply jelaous of your accomplishments. Keep codin' and stay strong!

Jesse Kuhnert said...

Sorry he's still pestering you. I get lovely private emails from him from time to time so know exactly who Howard is talking about. He's a really really sick puppy this guy. He's been stalking Howard and myself for a while.

How many aliases does he use? Like 4-5?

Eelco Hillenius said...

I agree, plenty of petty jerks around. Not just in our field unfortunately, read for instance a regular comment section of a news site for instance. You'd think there's hardly a sane person out there.

I just try to let it go and focus my energy on more constructive things. Like working on my kickboxing skills! ;-)