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Thursday, February 28, 2008

No Fluff Just Stuff / Danvers, MA

I'll be kicking off my participation in the No Fluff Just Stuff symposium series this year on Sunday April 6th. I'll be talking about Tapestry, testing and design patterns.

I'm especially looking forward to the Tapestry session, of course, as I have so much more to say on Tapestry this year than last. But I also enjoy the testing talks (it's a pair of talks), perhaps because I'm not as emotionally invested in EasyMock and TestNG as I am in Tapestry.

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Kevin Menard said...

I'm hoping I can make it this year. It really depends on how busy I am at work. If not, I may still be able to slip out for some drinks if anyone wants to discuss Tapestry and what not.