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Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Tapestry: A Component-Centric Framework

While I was on the road last week, I never had a chance to blog about a new article on OnJava: Tapestry: A Component-Centric Framework.

As usual, there are a number of things that rub me the wrong way. For example, I never use the class attribute of the page or component specification, I configure Tapestry to find my pages and my classes in appropriate packages.

The formatting of the examples in the article is a bit odd. I'm not sure who this article serves ... the article claims to show "how simple it is to develop a web application in Tapestry" but it doesn't come close. Actually, if I didn't know Tapestry not only would I not be interested in pursuing it because of this article, I would almost certainly be persuaded not to research further.

Nice to see more Tapestry in print, but as they say, if you want something done right ...

You'll be much better of reading Warner Onstine's Tapestry 101 once that's available. I've been doing the technical edits of this book as each chapter is ready and it's much closer to the mark!


Paul said...

I've noticed that most all Tapestry tutorials are needlessly verbose in their example code, and make it seem much harder than it is. Culprit #1 is the Tapestry docs themselves: they are convoluted, hard to use as a learning tool, and do a poor job of demonstrating Tapestry's simplicity.

I realize you already know this; it's an oft-repeated complaint. But it bears repeating....

Maybe Tapestry 5's docs can be a ground-up rewrite, too, and can give simple, crystal-clear examples.

Howard said...

I couldn't agree more. I've been documenting (and testing) as I go with Tapestry 5, which is why progress appears slow. Pretty soon, I'll have basic links and forms implemented and I can start writing basic tutorials.

Anonymous said...

Looking forward to Tapestry 5, Howard :-)

Marcos Macedo said...

I think that the book:
"Tapestry book: Enjoying Web Development with Tapestry" is a great book and a greate tutorial to show how simple is to program with Tapestry.

You can get the First 4 chapters at:

s_dani_g said...

In all fairness though, when there are two or three ways to accomplish a given task, you can't really complain when a user chooses the hardest... especially when the docs don't try to steer the user to the simplest option.